Object Narrative Essay

A brown raggedy stuffed animal bunny, who seems so plain and old has such a wild backstory. Almost as old as me, given to me on my first Easter, April 17. He has seen almost everything I have and carried with me through most of my life. I treasured him. Not one moment would pass when I wasn't with him, making it hard for me to leave the house without him. He was my form of the Velveteen Rabbit, loved so much he became real ( in my own seven-year-old mind). 

When nervous or anxious I would scratch is black hard eyes and hold him tight, giving the feeling as I was safe. I brought him everywhere, to school, on trips, just to go eat, wherever I went he did. I gave him the name “ Mr. Pelos” because when he was given to me he was very fluffy and reminded me of just a bunny filled with hair so my grandmother said Mr. Pelos would be a fitting name. 

 In the book, The Velveteen Rabbit shows that if you love an object so much it can become real and in some moments I really believed it. In one case which for some reason I never forgot yet, I was around the age of seven, I was watching Spongebob in the family living room upstairs and beside me, he sat. My mom called me down to go pick up some food so I quickly got up forgetting to grab him. It was about the first time I had ever left the house without him so once we were a few streets down I realized he wasn’t with me so in a frantic panic I made my mom turn around to get him. When I arrived at the house I quickly ran upstairs to grab him thinking he would be in the same place I left him, on the couch, but looking around I realized he wasn't there so I looked around the house and then I spotted him, in my playroom with a stethoscope that was put away the day before. I was so young I now think I probably just forgot I was playing with him and the doctor stuff because I never got a real reason. Another thing that made me believe he was real was when I would go to bed with his floppy ears would be to the side of his face but when I woke up his ears would be over his eyes. Every night, even when he did not sleep with me. 

He was given to me by my grandfather who is not in most of my family's life so one of the only things that have a connection to him that I know. When I think of Mr. Pelos I mostly think of my mom and being comparable or relaxed because that would be how he made me feel. He was like my own therapist who was with me 24/7 and helped me through everything.

He was there with me by my side for almost my whole life until about 6th grade, but I still have him on the bed every day. He holds every memory and experience I had from when I took my first steps to bringing him in my backpack to kindergarten every day to going to my first day of middle school which is about the last time I took everywhere I went. He has lived and seen my life more than any object or person.