How to Publish Your First Book

Self-publishing is one of the best ways to kickstart your career as a writer. The numerous online tools and services geared towards self-published writers really help. However, to properly execute the process, there are several steps to be followed. These steps are as follows:

Step 1- Gain an Understanding of the Whole Publishing Process

If you gather an understanding of this process, it will prove to be of immense help to you overall. These include:

  • Designing the cover

  • Designing the interior pages

  • Editing the manuscript

  • Typesetting

  • Proofreading the manuscript

  • Printing the book and distributing the same

  • Marketing the book

Step 2 - Proper Planning

If you have prior business experience, you should know of all it takes to launch a product. Your book is a new product too. There are both proponents and opponents of the concept of “business plans” for books. Regardless of your view on the same thing, it is definitely wise to do some amount of research and planning for your book. Basically, you want to think out the whole thing before you are ready to go.

Step 3 - Recruit Your Team

Now you are tasked with recruiting your publishing team. When doing it, you can consider the editing services. You can read an edubirdie review to know more about the editing service and its reliability. Not only Edubirdie is worth giving a try, but there are other editing companies as well that provide various services to students. Just look at some college essay writing service reviews.
You can choose to hire a single service for the entire task or hire individual freelancers. If you want the latter, you would be tasked to act as the project manager of your book and keep everything in sync.

Step 4 - Gather Your Resources

In this step, you collect all the necessary resources to put together. Be careful while you choose these resources and compare the various options you have. This is more time taking than you might be tempted to think!

Step 5 - Time for Actual Production

Now it is time to get to the actual work. The layouts, the cover designs, the typesets besides the editing and proofreading all get executed now. Keep in mind that each publishing task will take about 2-3 weeks. It is vital to mention the responsibility of deciding on your editing team. The advanced writers review will tell you which person is able to edit your writing properly.

Step 6 - Print and Distribute Your Book

You can choose to print a large number of books at one go or opt for print-on-demand services. If you want the latter option, it will be worthwhile to explore options that feature distribution services to physical as well as online stores.

Step 7- Take Your Book to the Market

Actually, this step has to be taken with all the other steps mentioned here. Indeed, it would be best if you started building your audience and fan audience as soon as you possibly can. This is the time to engage in marketing activities like releasing book-teasers. You want the fanbase to be as excited about your book as they might be and they have to be ready to buy all the copies off-the-shelves.
Another thing you might want to do is to hire a professional book marketing specialist who would help you sell your book to libraries.
Remember again to hire the best editing services, is really crucial. Wise essays reviews are beneficial if you are in the search of a professional editor and online helper.